Leadership Opportunity
Sharing an exciting opportunity at Blessings in a Backpack!
Since 2014, BIAB has grown from serving 210 kids to ensuring more than 3,000 local children hunger-free weekends, school breaks, and weather-related closings during the past school year. This has been an extraordinary year as we shifted from our traditionally school-based program to a community distribution model in order to feed kids when schools closed due to COVID-19…and, for the first time, we have summer distribution.
Thanks to the dedication and support of our generous donors and funders, volunteer network, local suppliers, School Partners, Frederick City Government, and Frederick County Government, BIAB has established a solid foundation for sustainability and growth. Now, we’re ready to begin feeding thousands more local children who may be at risk of going hungry.
As a cornerstone of mission growth, Blessings in a Backpack, Frederick will be hiring a Managing Director to lead us forward. This will begin mid-Fall of the 2020-2021 school year. During the transition, our team will work closely with the Managing Director, Advisory Board, and dedicated volunteer network to continue providing food to the more than 3,000 Frederick County school children we currently serve.
Going forward, with continued support from our national partners and under the direction of the Managing Director and local Advisory Board, BIAB is poised to make an even greater impact in our community. We are eager to have you join us on this strategic journey. Stay tuned for more details and exciting news in the weeks and months to come.
BIAB has one mission and one mission only…feeding Frederick’s kids when school meals are unavailable. On behalf of the children, thanks for your continued support and generosity,
We are hiring a Managing Director to support the growth and sustainability of the Frederick chapter. Be a part of this great opportunity to join a dedicated team feeding local kids when school meals are unavailable!
Detailed job description and contact information at the link below. Best to view on laptop.
For additional information, please contact hermine@biabfrederickmd.org