Food List

WE CAN ONLY ACCEPT FOOD FROM OUR LIST and would be grateful if you’d please check that packaging is NOT dented or soon-to-be expired.

  • Spaghettios…Cans only, please
  • Chicken Noodle Soup (old-fashioned, regular size)
  • 2 bar/pkg. Oats & Honey Granola Bars…NO peanut or chocolate, please
  • 15 oz Cans…Corn, Green Beans, or Red Beans
  • Mac & Cheese…(7.25oz) box…NO MICRO CUPS, please
  • 5oz Cans Tuna in Water or Chicken…no packs or boxes, please

Our School Partners

  • Carroll Manor Elementary
  • Centerville Elementary
  • Glade Elementary
  • Green Valley Elementary
  • Lewistown Elementary
  • Lincoln Elementary
  • Monocacy Elementary
  • Monocacy Middle
  • Monocacy Valley Montessori
  • Orchard Grove Elementary
  • Parkway Elementary
  • Success Program
  • Tuscarora Elementary
  • Urbana Elementary
  • Walkersville Elementary
  • Waverley Elementary
  • Whittier Elementary